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1Does the software on my computers need installation and maintenance?
Neither installation nor maintenance are needed by the users’ work stations. The software is web native, therefore it runs totally by Internet; its responsive interface allows the application with any device and browser.
2Are the documents produced by the system easily accessible?
All the documents are issued in PDF, (Portable Document Format) the worldwide standard format for safe and reliable data distribution and exchange. The whole reporting is available also in csv format for MS Excel
3Am I required to be in my office for accessing to the software?
Any information is available from everywhere in the world and by whatever device: PC - Mac - Smartphone - Tablet
4Can I supervise the sales network activity?
The system produces the following documents: - daily sales reports - accounts payable - agency fees - credit reports
5Is it possible to profile the users’ access?
Variuos levels of access are provided: Administrator, Internal Staff, Agency and Private Customer. The operation set of each broad category can be customized for the single user (“who can do what”).
6Is the check-in service provided?
Yes, it is. Different kinds of check-in functions are offered, in order to match the the harbor logistic requirements. Each port can be configured in different ways. Check-in can be made directly by the travel document or by the boarding pass. The boarding check-in operations are accelerated by bar code reading. In addition a mobile check-in procedure is available by wireless palmtop devices. The FAST TICKET module is equipped with a specific check-in function for the passengers provided with e-mail ticket.
7How are availabilities managed?
The procedure manages the sale of the quantities set for each trip. For each item it’s possible to set the maximum merchantable quantity and a “freezed” quantity to sell at the Administrator’s will. The vehicles are provided with a double counter: per unit and per linear metre .
8How is the garage area managed?
The management of the garage area is very accurate and allows to operate various virtual garages (even with different heights) inside a single ship in a single trip.
9Does Fastbook manage commercial vehicles transport?
Yes, it does. The management is complete and well-structured. The commercial vehicles are counted in linear metres of reserved area and overprices are calculated in case of extra-outline/dangerous goods. Beside the standard price list related to trips/period, various customized price lists for a single customer or group can be defined. Moreover, a specific file allows to store the recurrent vehicles data (each vehicle can be matched to its driver)
10How is the cabin assignment managed?
The procedure manages the cabin automatic assignment on booking, according to the assigned priority. A graphic display shows the cabins availability situation.