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A cloud designed software solution for ferries booking and ticketing

A flexible, scalable, customizable software

FastBOOK booking system has been successfully used by shipping companies for over 20 years. Our expertise in this sector allows to offer a suitable solution for all kinds of operator. Thanks to the use of a common platform both for passengers and for commercial vehicles, this system ensures greater speed and flexibility in all ticketing operations. Our solutions offer a flexible, scalable and customizable booking system, fulfilling any requirement by a single platform. FastBOOK offers a full management of booking both from the availability and the selling point of view. Different access levels to functionalities are included. Its responsive interface allows its usage by whatever device and browser. The multilanguage system allows to customize the menu items according to the current vocabulary of the Company. Our continuous commitment to improving functionalities, technologies and legal compliance is at the basis of long lasting relationships with our customers.

Interfacing with third-party software

Our platform provides advanced web services/API for interfacing with third-party booking websites (tourist, multi-company booking websites etc).

B2C interface can be easily integrated in company websites or, if necessary, created by third parties using the available web services.

START UP…. A Proven methodology

Over the years we have acquired a strong expertise in guiding our customers towards a proper start up of the system.We work together throughout the initial setting, enabling the customer to proceed alone.

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He is in charge of all functions; he configures and maintains the tabs related to routes, ports, ships, discounting etc. He establishes the routes and provides all other levels with linking authorization codes. A separate management by ship and by route is provided for all kinds of accommodation or service (cabins, seats, parking space for cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, bikes, pets etc) and for every price range (adults, students, kids, inhabitants etc). Moreover, different kinds of discounting can be managed, for boarding with special fares or discounts. A wide range of queries enables to check in real time the booking progress, both as a whole and in detail (by date of departure, by destination, by agency etc).
The access to all the functions is permitted, excluding the management process of users. Booking for private users and agencies (phone booking) is allowed, by credit card or other means of payment; if necessary, booking can be made even if the ride is closed for agencies and private user, if the departure has not yet occurred. The access to the check-in functions and related printings is included. Each operator logs into the system using his own single code and each one of his operations is tracked by the system.
This kind of users is enabled to make reservations for single users and groups. The access by single code allows a careful statistical monitoring.
Single users or small family groups can make reservations from web. Payment on line by credit card is required (safe SSL transaction). After booking confirmation, the program issues a ticket in PDF format that will be directly sent by e-mail to the receiver.