RO-RO Ferries

The booking and payment on-line system for ferries


  • Booking by B2B, B2C, Call Center, Ticket Office, Web Services, API.
  • Advanced groups management
  • Complete and dynamic management of CASH SHIFTS, split by operator, with a detailed report of shift closing.
  • Touch screen self-service ticketing (Ticket Vending Machine)
  • Management of season tickets and prepaid cards for frequent travellers or fidelity programs. Selling of season tickets for unlimited use of varying duration and of prepaid multi-purpose tickets
  • Agencies options payment by credit card directly from a link sent by e-mail
  • Safe on-line payments by credit card, PayPal etc
  • Management of many kinds of passengers (inhabitants, PMR, VIP, special categories)
  • Administration of different sales procedures (e.g. pre-sales, coupon, voucher) and ticketing (printing, e-mail, traditional ticketing)
  • Connection to third parties systems by web services/API (e.g.tourism web sites, third parties web sites for multi-company booking, etc)


  • Ships database and capacity checking management (differentiated heights garages, cabins, sleeping accommodation, seats, vehicle items)
  • Setup of point-to-point, multi-destination, multi-carrier routes
  • Quick and user-friendly configuration of ships, time tables and fares, equipped with tools for massive changes, allowing a very fast creation of departures schedules.
  • The administration of fares is adaptable and includes a variety of options, suitable to all kinds of users.
  • Surcharges for fuel or bunker, fees, boarding taxes, are automatically applied in parallel with the booking.
  • Real time monitoring of availability, with automatic calculation of occupancy on point-to-point and multi-destination tours.
  • The system enables the sale of set up quantities by trip; for each item it’s possible to define the maximum amount and the related allotments.
  • Simple and user-friendly set up of user’s access, enabling to achieve some customized authorization sets, to be assigned as a whole.
  • Managing of authorizations to derogation discounts by operator.
  • Complete management of the sale force (travel agencies and third parties), with possibility to deal with agencies operating in limit of assignment, or paying the booking, exclusive of fees, by credit card (spot agencies).
  • Complete back office interface, integration with the accounting systems, administration of sales network credits (agencies trust).
  • E-billing
  • Possibility to customize the menu items according to the company’s usual vocabulary.


  • Complete system of check-in/check-out for passengers and vehicles and no-show cases management.
  • The boarding process check-in and supervision are extremely adaptable and allow to operate wireless on the dock by palmtop.
  • Computerized access control by ticket gate.
  • Automatic creation of passenger lists
  • Operations reporting

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